Posted by: Kirstie - bonhomieDESIGN | August 11, 2007

I Am…Lesson 1 – Just in Time

I’ve just begun this study and how timely for me!

“But as the time for the promise was approaching which God had assured to Abraham, the people increased and multiplied in Egypt. It was at this time that Moses was born; and he was lovely in the sight of God, and he was nurtured three months in his father’s home.” Acts 7:17-20 (NASB)

Are there any circumstances or relationships in your life where you can see God has intentionally placed you to be a light for Him? Though I’m sure I missed other opportunities by saying ‘no’, I do believe that I’m now in a position to provide encouragement and draw others to Him.


Can you honestly describe yourself as a woman with a ‘yes’ in her spirit? I pray daily to be a ‘yes’ woman for the Lord!


Are you in an emotionally and spiritually healthy place today? If so, what will you do with your series of unrecurring events? Will you commit to ask for spiritual eyes to see opportunities to defend a weaker sister? I believe that I am on the right path to an emotionally & spiritually healthy place. I am praying that God use me to help others and – at this point – one woman in particular. She knows who she is 😉

If no, are you taking steps to seek out wise counsel from a sister you admire or perhaps a Christian counselor if needed? If not, will you resolve to do so? There is a woman the Lord has brought into my life who is spiritually grounded and mature who I will always turn to for counsel, so long as the Lord leads me in that direction.



  1. I’m so glad you joined us! I haven’t done this week’s lesson yet because of vacation but I’m so looking forward to it. Thanks sharing!

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