Posted by: Kirstie - bonhomieDESIGN | August 13, 2007

Miscellaneous Monday

Not much going on today so here are a few unrelated bits of info you probably didn’t want to know anyway 😉

I picked up these adorable file folders this weekend for my business. It’s very slow going right now so technically, they certainly weren’t needed but they put me in the mood to organize!


The lighting could be better…..the first pack is brown and tiffany blue (I love that color combo) and the second is pink and green.  If you’ve an interest to know more about what I do, feel free to click here or here.

Also business related, I DO NOT heart Blogger. Because of my web host, my business blog is over at Blogger (which is why some of you keep getting comments from some crazy chick named “Xpress Assistant”) so that it will point to my domain name. At one time I really did heart Blogger, especially after I began here at WordPress……the learning curve is a bit steeper here and customization is minimal. However (you knew there was a ‘however’) for the past week or so I have been unable to publish to my business blog and messages written by myself and many others in my situation go unanswered by Google. I must give some thought about how I should proceed. I’m open to suggestions but the issue is this: GoDaddy (my web host) will not allow a WordPress blog to be hosted on my domain with it’s current configuration. I don’t know enough of this lingo-schmingo to make heads or tails out of my GoDaddy options and I would prefer not to have a .wordpress(or other).com blog address which is not to say that my blog address is catchy…..

In family news, munchkin has been sick. Just a cold but I must say that I wish I handled illness as well as he does. Not a whimper of complaint……just a lot of sneezing and snot all over the place. Sorry for the mental picture but I’m sure you moms know that the reality of it was worse!

Also munchkin related, though my son does not yet know how to walk or talk, he IS capable of pointing out mommy’s housekeeping deficiencies. He spent the better part of the day crawling around the nursery and anytime he came across something that shouldn’t have been on the floor, he picked it up and gave it to me. Unfortunately Mommy had quite a collection by the time he was done 😮

Lastly and most importantly, while reading my devotionals this verse stood out for me:

Let your roots grow down into Christ and draw up nourishment from him. See that you go on growing in the Lord, and become strong and vigorous in the truth. -Colossians 2:7 (LB)

 Oddly enough, the translation in my NIV bible didn’t strike me as strongly. Very powerful words but such a simple concept. God is good.




  1. That IS a lovely verse! I’m sorry munchkin’s been sick, and yes, I feel you on the snot thing. Keeping the upper lip clean becomes a full time job!

  2. Some thoughts about Blogger and

    Blogger is very limited and very quirky. Don’t expect any response from Blogger “Help”. There really is no such thing. blogs are free, but also limited.

    A WordPress hosted blog may be the way to go, but you may need to hire someone to code it for you.

    A nice in-between choice that might work for you may be Typepad. Give me a shout thru email and we can talk about your options.

  3. Poor little guy. I hope he is feeling better soon. I think it’s nice he can help you “clean” now! Might as well start them when they’re young…lol!

    I do like that verse and it is an easy one to memorize and cling to. Thanks for sharing it today!

  4. I checked out your work sites. What a great work from home job you have and nice to have your own business. And I learned the word solopreneur. Very cool!

    Hope your son feels better soon.

  5. […] The second was Pastor/Shepard. Not much of a surprise on the first one, especially if you consider what I currently do for a living. The second is a bit of a surprise only because, as I made mention to earlier, I don’t feel […]

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