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What will I give?

I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. -Philippians 1:20 (NIV)

Wow. Paul, while persecuted because of his faith, remains steadfast in his walk with Christ. Facing the prospect of death, he stands by his Lord. Mandy of Just a Girl asks if we’re “up to the challenge” as are those currently being persecuted for their faith. I look back on my life and am ashamed of the minor sacrifices I was unwilling to make in the name of the Lord. I want to live my life for Christ and follow the path he has chosen for me. So what will give in the name of the Lord? I pray, and ask you to pray for me also, that I hear and receive the Lord’s instruction and have the wisdom and fortitude to follow his direction.

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Coffee, coffee, coffee….

Yeah, I thought that would get your attention!! 😀 It seems that every time I read the posts from my blogroll, I end up with a craving for coffee. I wonder if it has anything to do with Everyday Mommy or The Potter’s Hand. Hmmm, I wonder. Anyway, since we all seem to be coffee enthusiasts, I’d like your opinions. My husband and father-in-law are typically at work by the time munchkin and I rise (and they forget to turn off the coffee pot) so the coffee they’ve left for me is usually burned by that time. This is what I’d like to purchase. Anyone have it? Reviews would be welcome!!

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A special day…..

Today is a very special day for me. On this day some years ago my father passed away. On this day one year ago my son was born.

I noticed that yesterday’s Time Travel Tuesday was a “We’re Having a Baby” topic and I considered joining but decided to wait until today to share my story…..more fitting in my mind. I was 36 when I became pregnant with Munchkin. The medical community considers that old. Thanks! My age and a few other medical issues placed me in the “high risk” category. I saw my OB more that my husband for the majority of my pregnancy! She was convinced that I would go into labor early. Just for laughs, we scheduled the c-section anyway. His due date was August 12th but all I heard was “I seriously doubt you’ll make it that far.” Because the numbers were high during the blood test, I chose to have the amnio – a horrendous experience for me – which was made worse by the tech saying something to me about an abnormality she saw on the ultrasound (or some such news…….I’ve blocked out the details) After a few days, my OB alleviated my fears. No chromosomal issues BUT……wait for it……there’s no way I’ll make it to August. Fourth of July at a family picnic (and still pregnant), my mother asks what day I’m having the c-section. “On the eighth,” I reply. She says “You know that’s the day daddy died, right?” When I ran to the bathroom in tears she realized that I hadn’t made the connection. I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do. My husband and I discussed it and it was decided that the Lord would make the choice. If I made it to the 8th, so be it. Shortly after, on the way home from yet another hospital visit (Did I happen to mention that her hospital was a hour from my home? Any concern she had and I was sent on a road trip to be monitored. I had plenty of time to think!) a feeling came over me and I knew my baby was going to be safe….myself, I wasn’t so sure about. That was a ROUGH pregnancy for me. I wasn’t sure when he would arrive but I knew that God would deliver him to me. Obviously I made it to the 8th. There was a minor complication with my surgery so it was a few hours before I saw my son but when I did, just for a second, I saw my father’s eyes. All the wisdom and the love he gave me over the years. I believe that it was also THE Father’s eyes. My son sharing this day with his grandfather he never knew is bittersweet but I like that they have something more than me in common. That makes it easier when I think about what my dad missed.


I’m bravely posting this picture because I know we’re all women of grace, without judgment…….thankfully you can’t see my face 😉 This is Munchkin’s first day. Below are pictures of Munchkin’s first birthday party.

After the c-section, they found out that I was pretty lucky to have gotten pregnant in the first place. Not lucky…..Blessed.


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The Blog Crush meme

Seems I’ve been tagged by Jules at Everyday Mommy……….Here goes!

  1. What was the first blog you read? Hmmm…. I used to blog some time ago. I was an avid knitter but now that munchkin’s here, well you know how that goes! But I digress….It was fluffa! I was so jealous. An American living in Paris with the most adorable looking son and she was able to knit him what seemed like a sweater a week while knitting 3 other items for herself!
  2. Do you still read that blog? Sadly, no.
  3. Do you have a blog crush, in other words, is there a blogger you’d love to meet? I would have to say JMom over at Lots of Scotts. I’ve just begun reading the blogs and all the women are amazing in their own right but I am in AWE of a woman who can handle triplets, write a blog, read books and actually make it out of the house!!
  4. Upon meeting, would you crumble and mumble under the pressure, blurt out something incoherent, or blush madly? When nervous, I have a tendency to talk too much and ramble on and on and on……you get the picture!
  5. If you could have a long, leisurely lunch with one blogger whom you’ve never met, who would it be? I’m gonna stick with JMom (see above). Though I know all the bloggers I’ve met thus far would have some valuable advice for me, I’d really like to get some tips from JMom!!

Now it’s my turn to tag……Amy at Laughing Through the Tears, Leah at South Breeze Farm, Elle at A Complete Thought, and Anna who’s blog I haven’t yet found. Perhaps this will help!

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A prayer list….

God has placed it on my heart to create a prayer request list for all to use. The concept is that we would all add entries for those needing prayer – friend, co-worker, stranger or yourself – and each day (or week or month, it’s up to you), during our time with God, we’ll go through this list and say a prayer for each person.

Here’s how it will work: send me an email (or leave a comment) with the request. I will post it on the Prayer Request Page. With respect to post formatting, I’m planning on using a combination of initials and first names, depending on the circumstances. Use your own judgment, of course. I’ve created a button (see below) for every blogger participating in the Prayer List. The code is listed below – just insert the code into your sidebar links. If you have any problems with the button, please drop me an email.


<a href=””&gt;

<img src=” button2.jpg”>

alt=”Prayer List”</a>

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So many blessings, so much to learn!!

My goodness!!  I thought I knew EXACTLY what I was going to post today but I think God is encouraging a different (or additional??) direction. Since I’m still learning to distinguish my own voice and the voice of God, I’m gonna post it all!!

First I’ll begin with a “thank you” to Everyday Mommy for her welcome and introduction. I’d also like to thank her for directing me to Lots of Scotts‘ “Rest for the Weary” post. Since I received the same message from Christa of Blakeyblog in “All My Heart,” God very obviously wanted me to remember that to worship Him completely, everything I do and say, no matter how seemingly small or trivial,  must be in His name and for His glory. Thanks be to God and thank you ladies for allowing God to impart that message.

I am sometimes in awe of what I previously would have considered a coincidence and now recognize as the hand of God. I’ve been spending a lot of time and effort attempting to grow my business network and I thought, how awesome would it be to have a Godly network! Sure enough, after a few months of absence from our church – a church I was uncertain of, I might add – we returned to a wonderful welcome and felt such camaraderie.  I then had an opportunity to reconnect with my friend Kate whom I’ve been missing. Her faith is strong and, though my path wandered, it was her strength of faith that I drew upon many times to keep my head above water.  Today’s devotional discussed my family in Christ which I hope will grow even larger through the Christian blogging community.  God is supplying my needs!

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. – Galatians 3:26

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It has only just begun……

Like many others, I was “raised in the church.” I sang in the youth choir, I was an active youth group member and I attended service at least twice a week. Then I moved away – literally and figuratively. I was never quite as happy or comfortable with myself from that point on. I knew what was missing from my life but I fought Him, ignored Him and avoided Him. I’m now a wife and mother. I no longer want to attempt to do this on my own. He is as ever gracious, accepting me back after I’ve requested forgiveness for my sins and all the pain I’ve caused. Though I turned my back, He continued to bless me and care for me. He never left me. I left Him.

I’m beginning again my journey home. Like a child, I’m learning new things but also remembering old. Unlike my first attempt on this path, on HIS path, I know now what it is to truly desire a closer relationship with him. I will journal my progress, my questions and my thoughts. As my family is a part of my progress and always in my thoughts, I’ll write about them as well. At times I will stumble but I know He’ll steady me. Praise be to God. Above all else.

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